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Mobile Hydro & Massage Therapy

Our aim is to provide a unique mobile hydrotherapy and milestone massage development concept to the South African market.

Helping moms and dads develop a deeper understanding and bond with their newborn infants and babies. Developmental baby massage is highly therapeutic, preventative and curative. Our classes will teach moms dads and caregivers how to provide a form of immediate relief and convenient treatment to their babies. It can be used to alleviate stiff or floppy joints, wind colic, constipation and teething amongst others. It can also act as an enabler to uncover any potential physical problems. Parents also benefit as the techniques encourage loving attachment and confidence in handling their baby. It can also be used to secure the full structural health and fitness of their baby

Studies have shown that by introducing infants into a hydro pool (as early as two days old) helps babies become more self-confident, strong and intelligent. Being in the water allows the baby to move freely in a unique way, aiding in releasing physiological flexion. The ability to simulate crawling, walking, rolling ect without being held or manipulated into the movements, the brain creates billions of new neurons and neurological pathways.

The floating sensation is especially therapeutic for newborns, as the environment mimics floating in the womb. For a prematurely born baby, each session strengthens the baby’s heart and lungs, in turn supporting healthy brain, muscular and organ development.

From 8 months old babies graduate and move on to the benefits of introduction aquatics before moving into group classes in swim schools.


Hydrotherapy is a gentle exercise that works the whole body, encouraging your baby’s muscle, lung and heart development as well as co-ordination


We will come to you in the comfort of your home and teach you the techniques of developmental massage, assisting your baby in reaching milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.

INFANT aquatics

Coming soon.

Enrich your child with Infant Massage and Flotation therapy

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